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    The Learning Curve was founded by Jenny Silvester, a successful and committed teacher with over 20 years’ experience in the classroom. Inspired by a desire to help younger pupils, on an individual basis, realise their full potential; and a long held ambition to share her love of learning a foreign language with adults she set up The Learning Curve. It has two key aims

    • To help pupils to achieve through personalised learning and individual support
    • To share our love of learning foreign languages with adults in a fun and supportive atmosphere

    We offer private tuition for students from 6-18 and language classes for adults aged 18 and over. Every tutor at The Learning Curve is a qualified teacher and we aim to deliver the highest quality teaching in a safe, supportive and enjoyable environment.




    Does your child need to fill in some gaps or make great steps?

    We offer private tuition for primary pupils in Maths and English.

    With the significant changes to the curriculum for the 2016-2017 school year, this is an ideal time for parents to think about supporting their child’s education, particularly as they approach their SATs. At The Learning Curve we support primary pupils with their Maths and English studies.


    Your child may be falling behind or struggling at school or you may wish to just give them that little bit of extra support to ensure that they make the best progress possible in every school year. We assess each pupil free of charge and after an initial consultation they can enrol on an individual learning plan delivered by a qualified teacher who will work with your child, supporting them to fill in the gaps and master new concepts and skills.



    Our specially designed tuition hub caters for pupils aged 6 to 18. We have up to date teaching materials and IT equipment in order to deliver the highest quality tuition for every child. Pupils can enrol throughout the year by taking advantage of our FREE consultation and assessment. Pupils can attend for 1 or 2 hours per week to develop the skills required for every year in school. Tuition is on a small group basis, with a maximum of three pupils in each group who each receive excellent individual teaching. We at the Learning Curve ensure that each child has a personalised learning plan created and delivered by a fully qualified teacher. We believe that all pupils, regardless of ability, can benefit from extra support enabling them to reach their full potential.


    Regular feedback is given to parents.

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    English tuition focuses on Grammar, Reading, Spelling, Comprehension and Writing skills. We use the initial assessment to identify where the areas of need might be and then design a personalised learning plan. We offer tuition to pupils in every class in Key Stage 2 and our in depth knowledge of the curriculum helps us to ensure that your child can meet the challenges and standards of every school year and the SATs exams. A wide range of teaching materials, computer programmes and individual teaching is used to support learners of all abilities.

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    Our Maths tuition aims to support pupils in their understanding of the basic Maths concepts covered from age 6 upwards. We use the free assessment to identify where there may be difficulties in Maths and then carefully devise a learning plan, which includes individual teaching of new Maths concepts, practice at solving Maths problems and independent learning. This enables pupils of all abilities and ages to overcome difficulties in Maths or to master more complex and advanced Mathematical concepts.


    Private tuition costs £18-£32 per session depending on your child's age and individual needs

  • Online-Tuition

    Primary English, Maths Arithmetic and Reasoning and Secondary Maths, French, Spanish, Science and English

    For the last 6 years we have been providing children in the local community with excellent primary and secondary tuition at our dedicated Education Centre. We are now offering the same high quality tuition online via Zoom. This has proven to be very successful and popular and is an exciting new addition to our tutoring model.

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    Curriculum-Led Maths, English, Science and Languages Years 4-11

    If your child is of primary age, we will provide group* sessions that will follow the correct curriculum for years 4-6. The lessons provided will be Maths and English.


    If your child is of secondary age, we can offer tuition in a range of core subjects - Maths, English, Science, French and Spanish.


    All lessons will be face-face using dedicated E-meeting technology and will be led by an excellent team of tutors with a proven track record. You will need to download an app to either PC, mobile phone or tablet.


    *There will be a maximum of 4 pupils in a lesson




    If you would to book online-tuition please fill out a form on the "ONLINE-TUITION SIGN UP FORM" page leaving a phone number so we can call you back.

    Alternatively you can call 0113 457 2796 or email enquiries@the learningcurveleeds.com


    Your Child's Success is at the Heart of The Learning Curve Leeds

    Class sizes are kept to a manageable level and all our lessons are delivered by fully qualified, experienced teachers in a positive, relaxed environment. Our tutors are committed to providing teaching of the highest standard and plan lessons expertly to ensure that pupils leave feeling confident and achieve their potential. We hope that we can provide pupils with ongoing educational input and support.



    French, German, Italian, Greek and Spanish

    Do you wish you’d paid attention in French? Did you miss out on learning a language?


    Do you need to learn a language for your job? Your holiday? Your escape to sunnier climes?


    Or would you just like to be able to make conversation in another language?


    We offer Language lessons in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Greek. You can book lessons as an individual or with a group of friends/family members.

    Keep your eye on our website and Facebook page for details of short holiday survival courses which will be held from early Spring

    The Learning Curve offers French, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish lessons to cater for all needs and abilities.

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    Lessons aimed at people with little or no language knowledge. Ask about Beginner's lessons if you would like to learn the language from scratch for your job, holiday an exam or just for fun and general interest. Lessons provide opportunities to speak, read, write and understand the language with confidence. Teachers use a wide range of teaching materials which are based on real life situations, such as reading menus, advertisements and brochures or listening to interviews, radio and TV clips. Grammar is taught in a clear and meaningful way so that students gain an understanding of how the language works and how to manipulate it to express themselves fully and accurately.


    Lessons with an experienced, expert Languages teacher can be booked individually or as a group. See our pricing structure below.


    Lessons designed for those who want to get by on holiday. Students learn how to make conversation at a basic level; giving personal information about themselves and how to deal with common holiday situations, such as ordering food, using public transport, shopping, booking and buying tickets and visiting the doctor, pharmacy or hospital. There is less focus on grammar and more on communication. From time to time we offer short 6 week Holiday Courses and 1/2 day intensive Holiday Survival Courses. See our pricing structure below.

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    Lessons are designed to give more experienced linguists the chance to expand their conversation skills. These lessons require at least a basic level - even if it was acquired a long time ago! Stimulus materials are used to initiate a discussion on the topics or themes contained in them. Students acquire and practise new vocabulary, language structures and general conversation tools to develop their fluency and ability to discuss issues, both light hearted and more serious, with confidence. See our pricing structure below.


    Group sizes are capped at 6 and all our language lessons are delivered by fully qualified, experienced teachers in a fun, relaxed environment. Our tutors are committed to providing teaching of the highest standard and plan lessons expertly to ensure that learning a language at The Learning Curve as an adult is a rewarding, enjoyable experience.


    Lessons are bespoke and tailor made for you - we will teach you what YOU want to learn!

    Pricing Structure


    Lessons can be booked individually or as a group up to 6 people and are 1 hour long at a time to suit.

    Individual Language Lessons are priced at £28 per hour

    Lessons for 2-3 people are priced at £16 per hour.

    Lessons for 4+ people are priced at £12 per person per hour.
    Please ask about private small group lessons with your family or friends.
    If you would like to book adult language lessons please email enquiries@thelearningcurveleeds.com

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    Open Day at The Learning Curve

    Our doors were open and the adults enjoyed some bubbly whilst the children played on some interactive educational games. It was lovely to meet so many new people and we look forward to them starting tutoring and language courses with us soon.

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    Proud sponsors of Farsley Celtic Under 13 Boys' Team

    The Learning Curve is proud to sponsor the team this year.


    This photo was taken just before their match against Colton, which was the official unveiling of the new kit. If you look closely you can spot our founder, Jenny Silvester, with the team.


    43b, Springfield Commercial Centre, Bagley Ln, Farsley, Pudsey LS28 5LY



    Unit 43b Springfield Commercial Centre, Bagley Lane, Farsley LS28 5LY
    Monday 9am - 9pm
    Tuesday 9am - 8.30pm
    Wednesday 9am - 7pm
    Thursday 9am - 7pm
    Friday 9am - 5pm
    Saturday 9am- 2pm
    Sunday Closed
    0113 457 2796
  • REVIEWS - Pupils 6-18

    What people say about The Learning Curve

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    "My daughter hated maths and felt she was rubbish at it but that has all changed. The Learning Curve has made her feel that she can do it and she is starting to believe in herself. She even does the homework without being asked! They treat everyone as an individual and therefore teach them according to their specific needs. I couldn't rate the place highly enough."


    "My 8 year old daughter is loving her maths tutoring wIth Jenny at The Learning Curve. She's gone from thinking she's rubbish at maths, with lots of tears trying to get to grips with school work, to having the confidence to apply the methods Jenny is teaching her and a much better understanding of numbers. A lovely environment for learning and a lovely teacher." Sarah

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  • REVIEWS - Language Courses

    What people say about The Learning Curve

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    "French for Beginners at The Learning Curve is great. Having been taught French to O'Level standard many years ago, and having been on refresher courses without success, I am happy to say I have finally found the course for me. Jenny's teaching methods are excellent; the class is very informative without being overwhelming, is friendly, easy going and interactive and I feel I have made a lot of progress in the first term. I will definitely be going back for more!"


    "I am now half way through my Spanish for Beginners course with The Learning Curve, and will definitely be continuing next term. It's great to be able to do language classes without going into the city centre, and the courses are very good value for money. Classes are a lot more fun than learning languages at school used to be! Everyone is friendly and the lessons are relaxed and informal, with emphasis on actually speaking the language. I think I'll feel a lot more confident on holiday next year." Helen

    "French for Beginners is the ideal way to get back into French. I did French to A-Level over 40 years ago, and wanted to refresh my knowledge. This course is 2 hours per week of discussion and exercises, and is interactive. No learning lists of vocabulary and conjugations if verbs by heart here. Jenny is good at knowing what her class want, and adapting to suit their needs. This course lasts a year, and I intend to do the Intermediate course next year" Peter

    "Having participated in the Learning Curve's Italian Conversation class, which is very enjoyable & definitely worth the long drive across Leeds for me to get to, I would recommend this to students looking for a friendly, well-researched but fairly basic class. The staff are very friendly, the venue is warm and well appointed and even though it is not in the city centre, it has excellent free parking & is easy to find.

    The classes are small & intimate, which enables students to ask many questions & enhances the feeling of individually- tailored help from the class leader, who is a native Italian speaker.

    In my opinion, The Learning Curve offers good teaching and great value for money"

    Joyce (retired)